Why we exist.

How many have left the Body of Christ because they have been told that they cannot be gay and a Christian? How many have been told that in order to serve God fully they need to repent from the sin of homosexuality? How many have been told that they must live a celibate life in order to be accepted by God? How many have been told that God, Jesus and the Apostle Paul condemned gay people?

Well, we are here to tell you that none of the above it true!

As a Gay and Affirming Church we welcome every one – Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgendered, Curious and Intersex people and – yes – even our straight brothers and sisters.

The reason for this is because just like Jesus welcomed, accepted and loved everyone and never turned anyone away; we believe the Body of Christ should do the same, irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation or where they might be on their road or journey to discover God and His place in their lives.

It is therefore our hope (and prayer) that as you read through this information you will discover the wonderful freedom that comes from knowing the truth about homosexuality, the Bible and your journey with God.

Maybe you will start taking those first tentative steps towards God and begin to see that God does not and has not ever condemned you or rejected you. Rather His Arms are wide open waiting for you to return to Him or waiting for you to discover Him.

Some of what the Bible says… or does not say

So, what do we make of all the hype around the scriptures that have been used against us for as long as we can remember.

Well lets take a closer look at them and see if we can discover the truth about homosexuality and the Bible and what better place to start than “In the beginning …”

Question: How many of us have heard or seen the phrase “God made Adam and Eve – Not Adam and Steve?”

Well, for starters I like the way it rhymes but sadly the verse in Genesis 2:24 cannot be used to condemn homosexuality. Nor can it be used as a model for the only marriage God will bless.


So where did they get this idea from in the first place?

A fresh look at Genesis 2:24

Basically the logic goes some thing like this: Genesis 2:24 is Gods final answer on who can get married.

The assumption is “One Man. One Woman” is Gods only example of a loving relationship to the exclusion of all others.

Therefore, the assumption is that this statement is anti-gay and therefore anything else other than “One man and one woman” is unacceptable with God. It is assumed that because God did not make two men and two women to be together in a loving monogamous relationship, homosexual couples are condemned by God and not part of Gods plan.

Well let’s look at this for a minute.

If one man and one woman were “How God intended it to be” then how is it that many of the Old Testament Patriarchs had more than one wife? Some even took concubines as well!

You may be surprised to find that many of them were polygamists.

Take a look at the following examples:

Abraham had a wife named Sarah, but he also took Hagar as well. Later on he also married Keturah. The Bible also indicated that Abraham had other concubines and had children with them. (Genesis 16: 1-3 and Genesis 25: 1-6).

Jacob had two wives, Rachel and Leah (who were sisters, by the way) and he also took for himself Bilhah and Zilpah as concubines (Genesis 29:24-30, Genesis 30:3-4 and Genesis 30:9).

Even the famous King David, who was a direct descendant of Jesus, had not just two wives – but at least eight wives and ten concubines (2 Samuel 3:2-5, 2 Samuel 5: 13-15). whether or not he loved them all is definitely up for debate.

And all these men feared and loved God. So the idea of “One Man. One Woman” being “Gods ultimate plan for marriage” does not look so good anymore now does it?

So, what can we make of the story in Genesis, if it is not about Adam and Eve and pro-creation, as many would have us believe?

Could it be that this story has no bearing whatsoever on the traditional views about marriage believed by so many Christians today? What if this scripture has been distorted into meaning something it was never meant to be? What if it is not a dissertation of marriage relationships at all?

What if the story in Genesis was really about the importance of human relationships as opposed to simply being alone? What if God actually is saying something to us about giving and receiving love? What if God is saying that He has created the perfect person for us?

And God saw it was good

Notice the how many times the phrase “And God saw that it was good” is mentioned in the first chapter of Genesis. Clearly God is trying to get some message across.

God created this perfect world for a perfect human being who had a perfect and intimate relationship with God as his Companion. Yet, God knew that His companionship was not enough for Adam.

In the middle of Adams’ fellowship with God, he still needed someone like himself – an orientation compatible partner.

You see Adam was a one of a kind – an original. All the other animals had compatible companions but Adam was all alone. Adam, the perfect man, was alone and lonely because no other human being existed and Eve had not been created yet!

What he needed was a person who could meet his emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

Emotional, physical and spiritual companionship form the basis of ALL loving heterosexual AND homosexual human relationships – wouldn’t you agree?

Because of Eve’s similarity to Adam, it allowed them to bond as a couple. In fact their relationship was modeled on Gods first stated reason for marriage, which iscompanionship and not pro-creation. The sole reason for marriage is not only  pro-creation. It goes a lot deeper than that.

Many say that gay relationships are wrong and unacceptable by God because they cannot pro-create and that is why men and women are the perfect match.

Yet, we see that procreation is not the first reason God created Adam at all!

Genesis 2:18 says, “Is in NOT good that man should be alone.”  His reason for creating Eve was for companionship – within the confines of a mutually loving, supportive relationship. It has little to do with pro-creation.

God includes the story of Adam and Eve in the Genesis historical record because God intended to populate the earth, not because God intended to forbid every marriage model different from the Adam and Eve model.

Just as the two person nature of Adam and Eve’s relationship was not used in Genesis to forbid polygamy, so the heterosexual nature of Adam and Eve’s relationship really does not forbid homosexual unions either for the small percentage of the human population who are homosexual.

If the logic of Christians who condemn gay couples is valid being: “Since God did not mention other marriage models in Genesis, God must be against gay couples,” we can use the same logic to prove any number of things which are not true. It sounds kind of silly but here is where such illogic takes us.

The Genesis 2 marriage model says nothing about wedding gifts therefore God must be against wedding gifts. Of course, no one believes that and no thinking person would draw that conclusion from Genesis.

The Genesis 2 marriage model says nothing about wedding rings therefore God must be against wedding rings. Would anyone with more than two functioning brain cells draw that conclusion from Genesis 2?

The Genesis 2 marriage model says nothing about getting married in church therefore, God must be against getting married in church. Really now, doesn’t such a crazy conclusion assault our common sense?

The Genesis 2 marriage model says nothing about adopting children; therefore God must be against adopting children. No one believes God is against adopting children simply because adoption is not mentioned in Genesis 2.

The Genesis 2 marriage model says nothing about gay couples therefore God must be against gay couples.

That kind of reasoning does not make sense. It goes against the inborn common sense we have as human beings. Such arguments are ridiculous. Such reasoning leads to false and ridiculous conclusions.

Reading into scripture, something scripture does not say and then teaching as doctrine, what scripture does not say, is false interpretation. It leads to wrong conclusions about God’s will for the human race and His purpose for creating Adam and Eve.


(This post was originally posted in 2012 – Rev Sean Cameron Gunn)

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