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When dirty water becomes expensive wine

Have you ever heard the phrase, “More of God?”

I know I have prayed it on numerous occasions. And although it seemed like a good idea, what I really should have been praying was, “Less of me, God.” Because when we pray this, God does give us more of Himself since ourselves are being remove.

This is what transformation means – to transform the fundamental nature of something.
And so, I want to talk about the very first time Jesus, transformed something into something else.

It can be found in -.

Now this was the first sign that Jesus did. He turned water into wine. And if I were one of the servants at the wedding, I would have thought that this guy was crazy because what was needed was wine – not water. They might both be wet and liquid but that is where the similarities stop.

But they did what the Lord asked them to do and witnessed a great sign.

And this is what Jesus so often does – He gives us what we need by using what we already have. Think of the feeding of the 5000. Think of Jesus asking Peter to step out the boat in the middle of a storm. Remember Jesus asking to have the stone rolled away from a tomb of a man who had been dead for four days. Casting out your nets one last time when you have been fishing all night and catching nothing. Telling a blind man to go and wash his eyes if he wanted his sight restored.

And often, many of the signs that He did, were done with what was available. What people placed into the hands of Jesus. And when they were placed into His hands He transformed them into the very thing that was needed.

They also began with a simple act of obedience.
And therefore a vital step in our transformation is our willingness to be obedient to the commands of God even when they do not make sense to us.

Any yet being obedient certainly does bring about transformation. The Lord’s simple requests often serve as steppingstones to life’s most wonderful blessings. Now obedience is not complicated – it simply means saying “Yes,” to God and when we do, He is able to demonstrate His power, sovereignty, and transformative work in our lives.

Often times we miss the opportunity God is giving us to transform because we have said “No.” ( : -, : -) and depended on our own will power and our own self-denial ( :, . : -)

Another aspect of transformation is we realise that it is Jesus Christ who does the transforming.

In the scripture from John, we read that there were 6 stone jars which were used for ceremonial washing.

It was no coincidence or mistake that Jesus used the dirty water in them to transform them into wine.

The wine, which is a representation of His Blood, and which washes us clean from every sin. Also note that this wine was more expensive and therefore better than the first batch that was served. And the reason for this is because it is His blood that speaks of a better covenant. ( :-, :, 🙂

All this to point to the fact that Christ came to transform the lives of all and if we want to be transformed by Him, all we need to do is say “Yes” to Him.

Reverend Sean Cameron Gunn.

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