The Upper Room Communion




… a change of heart and life for the forgiveness of sins must be preached in his name to all nations … Luke 24:47


The Upper Room Communion meets weekly at 9am on Sunday mornings at 63 Florida Road, Windermere.


The foremost progressive church for all, especially gay and lesbian Christians in Durban.

This website is our platform to share details regarding our beliefs and vision for the future. Please feel encouraged to also make use of our Facebook- and Twitter pages to see the latest news and current activities at The Upper Room Communion.

The Upper Room Communion was founded in October 2012 by Sean Cameron Gunn and Gert van der Linde, who both have been called to this work by God and have spent many years preparing for this task, the time for action in the city of Durban has come. Having been inspired by the Rev Joan Wakeford  (Joan Wakeford Ministries) to carry out the tasks set to them by the Lord. Married to each other in 2006, Sean and Gert, live an incredibly normal life with their two dogs and three cats in the South of Durban. They were ordained as Ministers of the Word by Reverend Joan Wakeford with assistance from Reverend Linda Combrinck in October 2012. Sean who completed a Diploma of Theology at Durban Christian Centre in 1992, has never lost his zeal for study and can constantly be found reading, analysing and writing about the Word.  His roots lay in Roman Catholicism, but he has eagerly embraced an evangelical and modern approach to theology.  His love for God has remained constant, his sense of humour legendary and his sermons full of the power of the Holy Spirit. Gert van der Linde, remains a forever-student. He has a passion for learning, teaching and abhors injustice in any form. Gert is also a professional laughter coach and Employment Equity Specialist.

Why we exist

How many have left the Body of Christ because they have been told that they cannot be gay and a Christian? How many have been told that in order to serve God fully they need to repent from the sin of homosexuality? How many have been told that they must live a celibate life in order to be accepted by God? How many have been told that God, Jesus and the Apostle Paul condemned gay people? Well, we are here to tell you that none of the above it true! As a progressive, non-denominational, sexual and gender diversity affirming church based in Durban we welcome everyone – Gay, Lesbian, Bi-sexual, Transgender, Curious and Intersex people and even our “straight” brothers and sisters. ALL ARE WELCOME. The reason for this is because just like Jesus welcomed, accepted and loved everyone and never turned anyone away; we believe the Body of Christ should do the same, irrespective of their gender, sexual orientation or where they might be on their road or journey to discover God and His place in their lives. It is, therefore, our hope (and prayer) that as you read through this information you will discover the wonderful freedom that comes from knowing the truth about homosexuality, the Bible and your journey with God. Maybe you will start taking those first tentative steps towards God and begin to see that God does not and has not ever condemned you or rejected you. Rather His Arms are wide open waiting for you to return to Him or waiting for you to discover Him.

Revd. Joan Wakeford

What we aim to achieve

We are committed to fulfilling the desire of God by being a true reflection of the Body of Christ, doing things that please Him by bringing hope, reconciliation and revival to the community by forming loving relationships through example.